Guardians & Directors

Guardians and Directors of the Violet Flame are within all Realms and Dimensions.

I have chosen to refer to them as ‘Guardians’ because they protect and watch over the energy of the Flame and all those who work with that vibration, and ‘Directors’ because they direct the energy of the Flame to where it is needed and they ‘direct’ or nudge us to work and follow the direction that is for the Highest Good.

The best known are probably the Ascended Master St. Germain, and Archangel Zadkiel, but they all hold their own special affiliations with a particular aspect of The Violet Flame. So merely as an indication of the way they work, I have included those aspects which are personal to each Guardian or Director:

Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara is also known as The Ancient of Days. This title is due to the understanding that his presence has been an influence on Earth since the very beginning of its existence, although his ‘home’ is the planet Venus. His energy is in alignment with the seventh Ray there, which is Ruby, a deep purple/pink. The Rays […]

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Archangels Ariel and Asariel

Archangel Ariel and his Archeia Asariel are the Archangels of Violet/Turquoise Ray, which brings the aspect of creativity and communication to the Violet Flame. The creative power of manifestation is achieved through our thoughts, our words our beliefs and intentions. One of the greatest attributes we have is our imagination and ability to visualise; when that is […]

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Merlin was alchemist, prophet and advisor to King Arthur. He has been immortalised as the archetypal ‘Wizard’. He was an incarnation of St. Germain, but because Merlin is such a prominent figure in our history and legends, we consider him as a separate identity, an ‘expanded soul’, and Master of Magic and Crystals. Merlin led Arthur to […]

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Melchizedek is Priest of the Violet Ray, and resonates with the combination of Violet and Gold. He is a Cosmic Being, Universal Light, and has a chamber of Golden Light within the core of this Earth. He is a member of the governing council of our Solar system within this galaxy. The Priesthood known as The Order of Melchizedek […]

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Omri Tas

Omri Tas presides over the Violet Planet, a world in another galaxy and dimension to our own. It has a civilisation free from disharmony, disunity and distress. All negative thoughts are immediately and automatically transmuted by the Violet Flame energy of the planet. This serves as an example of what can be achieved here on Earth. […]

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Elohim Arcturus and Victoria

The Elohim of the Seventh Ray, Arcturus and Victoria are Cosmic Beings who carry the greatest concentration, the highest vibration of Violet Light that we can comprehend. They inspire us all to be creative, whether it is a work of art or music, or an insect building its nest. They teach us discernment, to see the […]

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Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is the Oriental Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She is revered throughout the Far East, originally in China but now including all Buddhist countries and people. It is said that she is the equivalent to Mother Mary of Christianity. She is also one of the Lords of Karma. She holds the Mercy Flame for anyone […]

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Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst

Archangel Zadkiel and his Archeia Holy Amethyst are the Archangels of the Violet Ray. They support us with the use of the Violet Flame to bring its qualities of cleansing and purification, helping us to release negative thoughts and behaviour patterns. Their aim is to release and transmute all negativity, whether personal or global, to be free of […]

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Lady Portia

Lady Portia, is St. Germain’s Twin Flame. She is often seen as Lady Justice, as she holds that Flame. She has been depicted in paintings and statues with the Scales of Justice, the Sword of Truth, or the medical symbol of Caduceus, which she says is the weaving of Mercy and Justice around the central pillar […]

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St. Germain

St. Germain is the Ascended Master most frequently associated with the Violet Flame. He transported the Violet Flame of Freedom, as it was then known, from the Temple of Purification to a safe place in the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, where mystery and rumours kept it secluded. The Retreat was once physical but is now in […]

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Master Rakoczy

Master Rakoczy, is also known as The Great Divine Director, or simply Master R. He is the holder of the Divine blueprint for each incarnation and civilisation of mankind on Earth. Spiritual energy first incarnating into physical form on Earth were guided by him, through the Violet Flame to transform their energy from one state of […]

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