Lady Portia

Lady Portia, is St. Germain’s Twin Flame. She is often seen as Lady Justice, as she holds that Flame. She has been depicted in paintings and statues with the Scales of Justice, the Sword of Truth, or the medical symbol of Caduceus, which she says is the weaving of Mercy and Justice around the central pillar of Freedom, all aspects of the Violet Flame.

As the Goddess of Justice, she is honoured in the astrological star sign of Libra and as Justice or Balance in the Tarot deck. Her energy is also associated with Queen Maat in the Ancient Egyptian ceremony of the Weighing of the Heart. There are many statues of her associated with the Law Courts, where she is often shown blindfolded. This represents Portia’s strength of Trust, not needing to see to make any decision, but relying on her intuition, and inner wisdom.

Lady Portia is adamant that we understand the true concept of Justice, for it is so often distorted and mistaken for revenge. Justice is Balance, when matters are weighed and found to be perfectly equal. Of course that is rarely instant and we sometimes have to wait lifetimes to restore perfect balance to an issue, matter or situation. This is perhaps why Lady Portia works on the Karmic Board. We can call on her to show any outstanding karmic imbalances, and she will enable those to be settled within the Violet Flame.