There’s a Dragon on the District Line

It came as no surprise that I was born in the year of the Dragon. In Chinese Astrology I am a Water Dragon, and apparently more flexible than other Dragons. That flexibility certainly applies more to my mind than my body! My thoughts and awareness have led me to many other realms and dimensions, travelling […]

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Journeys back in time I am standing on the edge of land looking out at the Pacific Ocean. Coarse tufts of grass tickle my feet as they move in the wind that comes off the sea. The wind strengthens; it whips my hair around my face and the clothes around my body. At times I […]

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Astral Travelling

Journeys out-of-body. I remember sitting under the tree at the edge of the school playing field. I felt the smooth trunk, hard against my back, my legs stretched out on the grass in front of me, my feet bare. I wiggled my toes and felt the air move between them. I looked up through the […]

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