There’s a Dragon on the District Line

It came as no surprise that I was born in the year of the Dragon.

In Chinese Astrology I am a Water Dragon, and apparently more flexible than other Dragons. That flexibility certainly applies more to my mind than my body! My thoughts and awareness have led me to many other realms and dimensions, travelling out-of-body with ease as a child, and learning to consciously astral travel as an adult. Dragons have often featured on those journeys.

They enthralled me as a child, I collected pictures and ornaments of them, but I was always upset by stories of them being slaughtered. My father wrote a story for me of a friendly Dragon, which I then read to my own children. Dragons have been a part of my life, but more recently their presence and their influence has expanded into a new journey for me. I know I am not alone in this. I hear from many people telling me of their meditations and experiences in which they feel a strong connection with Dragons. I expect many of you reading this will be nodding and smiling.

Seven years ago I attended a workshop, deepening my connection with them, and bringing one specific Dragon into my conscious awareness. It was a very large, black and deep purple one, the colours and feel of a Sugilite crystal, although they come in all sizes and colours. He or she would occasionally appear in other meditations, standing by watchfully and patiently, until I was ready to ask for information as to their species, their realm, and their growing interaction with mankind.

‘I was standing on a plateau high up in a mountain range. I could see the entrance to a cave in the face of the sheer cliff that rose up in front of me, and considered seeking shelter from the biting wind. Multi-coloured lights were flickering around the cave mouth and I noticed movement within the lights as the colours spread out across the plateau. The wind dropped and I sensed complete stillness, the only movement being the lights and the shapes that were forming within them. I am sure I held my breath in anticipation. The plateau filled with Dragons.

There were many different sizes, shapes and colours represented. I walked among them and noticed their individuality, the variety of their features and personalities. Seemingly the last one to emerge walked between all the others and came straight towards me. He looked almost clear, but shone like the rainbows in Quartz crystals reflecting the colours of all others he passed. I somehow knew that when he got close enough to me I would see that he was a hologram, without physical substance, just an incredible presence. He stood in front of me and I saw myself reflected in his scales, but not just my image, he was reflecting my concerns, desires, previous experiences and future potential. I knew that he was showing me that they can all portray many attributes and have the ability to reflect us and each other.’

I had so many questions. My journey of reconnection with them began. Along with two or three good friends we began to discuss and meditate with Dragons on a weekly basis, to expand our awareness of their true nature and deepen our connection with them. We looked at the ancient myths and legends of them, noting how revered they are in the Far East, and yet considered fierce and dangerous here in the West. That seems to be just fear-based, but I asked if they were hunted and slaughtered here, as that idea had troubled me so as a child. I learned that as our energy dropped away from spiritual ideals and became too dense, they could no longer interact with mankind, and simply withdrew their energy. Man’s ego made up stories of overcoming them, killing them or driving them away. In the Far East mankind retained a more spiritual way of life, and so their connection to the realm of Dragons continued.

Dragons are referred to the world over as Guardians of Treasure. Mankind interpreted that as riches, showing them guarding hoards of gold and jewels. This could have been a gold light seen around them or reflections from their very shiny scales, which people could not explain in any other way than as items of gold and precious gems.  Now we have a much greater understanding that they guard and protect matters of far-reaching value, all that is considered precious to Life, such as: Knowledge, Wisdom, complete holistic Healing, and Universal Unity. They are holding for us, our Spiritual Light and our greatest ideal potential, that is, all that we are capable of becoming within each lifetime.

Another previously held idea is that Dragons are the same energy vibration as The Elementals, but they were keen to reassure us that they are a different stream of consciousness. However, Dragons do link to the elements of Earth, but with an expanded ‘overview’, interacting with a flow of energy rather than the flow of a river, for example. We did connect to various Dragons through the elements, but included crystal and metal.

This was my experience in the element of water:

‘I dived off a very high cliff into a lake, and swam down deeper and deeper. I could see several Dragons with their ‘wings’ concertinaed back to look like fins, swimming with the undulating motion of dolphins, looking perfectly at ease and at home in the water. I realised I was swimming with the same motion, and twisted round to see I had a tail too and had assumed the form of a Dragon. My body was very pale blue and translucent like Blue Topaz crystal.

I swam alongside a pearly cream Dragon who led me into a cave where we walked up a beach onto dry sand. I sat on some rocks and stretched out my fins, unfolding them to wings. I shook one and then the other and could feel the air current they created.’

(So I assume that ‘water’ Dragons can fly too, a cross over between the water and air elements. I felt that was right.)

‘I went further into the cave, feeling young and inexperienced. I saw a whole colony of Dragons, various sizes, colours and clarity. Some appeared quite dense and some almost clear. As they moved around I could see even deeper in the cave, on natural rock ledges were large, open clam shells with what looked like giant pearls in them – I felt they were eggs. I knew I was being watched and turned to see a deep greeny-grey Dragon a little way off. As I went to ask him about this cave and the mix of elements I had seen in the Dragons today, I noticed I had returned to my human form’.

“Like you humans, many of us begin our life cycle in water, and this is one of many such ‘nurseries’. As you have discovered, we are not restricted to any one element, many of these will grow to resonate more closely with another aspect and may never return here, It is merely convenient that we grow in absolute seclusion within the unexplored depths of your oceans here.”

Discussing this afterwards, we all felt that this does not indicate Dragons are incarnating into our physical realm but they exist here still, in etheric form, and that they too are still evolving.

Although we understand that Dragons are Universal, they are not the same throughout the Universes, but are the same consciousness. We have an affinity with some Dragons but not all. They have a vast range of vibrational frequencies; in simple terms like singers in a choir, their vibrations overlap with each other and with other Beings of similar vibration, creating a beautiful harmony. Because colour and sound are so closely aligned in vibration, Dragons may appear in any colour or combination of colours, and these can change as their energy changes. They are all flexible according to the individual attributes they are portraying at any one time.

Over many weeks we have been reminded again and again, not to label or categorise them. In one meditation at home:

‘I felt the presence of a smaller Dragon than before and he was olive green/gold. He walked into the room and stretched, flexing his muscles before flopping down on the floor. I thought he was going to sleep as he looked too relaxed to be bothered talking to me. As soon as I thought that, he lifted his head and turned to look directly at me.

“Why do you continue trying to define, label and create ‘boxes’ for all of the Beings you know of as being ‘of the Cosmos’. We cannot be restricted to a list of attributes, jobs, colours, or purposes. We simply exist in a state of complete freedom of choice. When we choose to communicate with such as you, it is with the intent of sharing with you, all that we hold sacred, concepts of value for the Highest good of all. We hold in high esteem: Integrity, Worthiness, Honesty, Respect, and Openness. These are some of the attributes we share with much of mankind, and with many other creatures too, but not any one entire species.

You have asked about the dolphins and the whales as if they all hold the same qualities as us, but they are individuals too and some resonate with us better than others.

You were very close to the truth saying that we are Guardians of high ideals and higher aspects of existence, not just on Earth but in all Universes where there is sentient life.

We do not consider this a ‘job’ or a ‘purpose’, it is merely who we are.”

I told him we are merely trying to understand them and are grateful for their input.

He gave a kind of ‘Hmmmph” and went to sleep.

His energy gradually faded and disappeared.’

I think I will call him ‘Grumpy’.

They do seem to have distinct personalities, and frequently a rather dry sense of humour, yet I hesitate to consider even these as consistent!

I recently had a long journey on the London Underground, and with no book or magazine to read, but an empty seat beside me, I sent out a thought to my loved ones, teachers and Guides in Spirit, asking if one of them would care to join me so that we could have chat. I was not prepared to feel a sudden THUD in the energy of the carriage. Concerned, I looked around at my fellow travellers – not too many at this time of day. One gentleman had noticed and turned to look quizzically in my direction, but with a frown and a shrug, he returned his attention to his phone.

Oh good gracious, there is a Dragon on the District Line!

At first I felt this Dragon was sapphire and emerald in colour but as I turned to look at him I could see he was my familiar purple and black ‘sugilite’ colours. So I asked telepathically:

“Do you always present this colour, or did you change it quickly so that I would recognise you?”

I pulled a notepad and pen from my bag to report as much of this silent conversation as I could.

“It was another who accompanied me and withdrew. The younger ones change colour more frequently – until they choose which aspect of their personality and characteristics they are best suited to work with. I have held these colours for thousands of years now because I work mainly with the attributes they represent, but they can and do still change.”


“That is no coincidence.”

“So do I need those qualities of sugilite or do I represent those too.”

“That is for you to decide.”

He continued:

“Originally our versatility was unlimited, and in our essence it still is, but we recognised that there is a need for mankind to identify with us for specific intent. To impart all concepts without those boundaries would be too vast to grasp.”

“So what of the hologram/reflective ones – do they still hold and work with entire potential and all possibilities?” I asked.

“The underside of our scales is all like that. Think of our colours as you think of your clothes, you wear them to give you a sense of identity and they give you a recognisable style. We wear our colours in a similar way – that is putting it in human terms of course!” He seemed amused.

We ‘talked’ about many things on that journey, such as which actual concepts and qualities they guard and protect, ancient symbols, healing methods, and whether ‘Dragon Lines’ differ from ‘Ley Lines’.

It was certainly not a boring journey, but when the other perceptive gentleman left the carriage he turned to me, raised an eyebrow and smiled!

With love, wisdom and humour enjoy their rise in our consciousness!