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About the Violet Flame

My name is Hilary Stanley and I welcome you to my website devoted to The Violet Flame.

“The Violet Flame has changed my life. It has been my passion for many years.

 Since first learning of it I felt inspired to incorporate it into all other healing and spiritual work. It soon became part of my daily routine and my way of life. My knowledge and understanding of it has expanded considerably over time, and I now want to share what I have learned so that others can discover the magic of the Violet Flame for themselves.”

This is a website for anyone, whether they are familiar with the Violet Flame or not. I hope it will inspire you to become the person you truly are, living the life you chose to experience, in the world you would wish it to be. Change must begin with the individual and the potential to create a new world lies within each one of us.

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Hilary Stanley

About Hilary Stanley

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer and Teacher, and Shamballa Multidimensional Healer. I spent many years offering Readings: using Thoth Tarot cards, and also ‘Past Lives’ as these are easy to trace ‘out-of-body’. Now I focus my time and energy on writing and teaching, inspiring others on their own journeys.

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Find out more about what has been happening with Hilary and the Violet Flame:

There's a Dragon on the District Line

20 February 2017
It came as no surprise that I was born in the year of the Dragon. In Chinese Astrology I am a Water Dragon, and apparently more flexible than other Dragons.
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30 January 2017
Journeys back in time I am standing on the edge of land looking out at the Pacific Ocean. Coarse tufts of grass tickle my feet as they move in the wind that co
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Astral Travelling

30 January 2017
Journeys out-of-body. I remember sitting under the tree at the edge of the school playing field. I felt the smooth trunk, hard against my back, my legs stretch
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Talk on the The Realm of Dragons

Tesco Community Room - 01 January 1970
I will be giving a talk on the Realm of Dragons at the Dorset Spiritual Holistic Group. This is run by Sue Johnson-Hewitt as a free event of talks offered on th
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Crystal Wisdom - Crystals of the Archangels 1

Bournemouth, Dorset - 01 January 1970
Learn which Crystals resonate with the energy of which Archangels, to deepen your connection with both realms. After years of studying and working with both,
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Bristol Holistic Festival

Bristol - 01 January 1970
I will be promoting the Violet Flame and selling a variety of merchandise including signed copies of my book: ‘Transform Your Life with the Violet Flame’ a
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