About Hilary Stanley

I grew up in a happy spiritual family and remember seeing and hearing Spirit as a child. I also used to experience out-of-body journeys and was aware of my Guides.

As I grew up, career, fun and family took precedence, until I eventually returned to my spiritual purpose this lifetime. With help and guidance from great teachers here, and in Spirit, I have studied and journeyed with many Guides and Beings of other Realms, and travelled through time to past civilisations and to other worlds.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer and Teacher, and Shamballa Multidimensional Healer. I spent many years offering Readings: using Thoth Tarot cards, and also ‘Past Lives’ as these are easy to trace ‘out-of-body’. Now I focus my time and energy on writing and teaching, inspiring others on their own journeys.

Those of you who know me, tend to associate me with the Violet Flame and know that it was the inspiration for my shop, healing and teaching centre, ‘Amethyst’ in Bournemouth. For all those years I talked of writing a practical guide to the Violet Flame, which I finally achieved in 2013 with the publication of my first book: ‘Transform Your Life with the Violet Flame’. I am happy to say it is now in its 3rd print!

I am currently working on the Higher Rays of the Violet Flame, and also the Universal Violet Flame, which incorporates the Flame’s wider aspects, its galactic heritage, history and relevance on Earth, many of the Guardians and Directors of the Violet Ray, the Crystals of Transformation and how they all contribute to the future of mankind and our Earth, Gaia.

With the evocative music of Neil H, and cover images from Walter Bruneel, I have recorded two Violet Flame guided Meditation CD’s. They are available, along with other helpful, associated merchandise, through this website, which is with grateful thanks to David at Hart and Soul!

I run regular Connections Groups in the Bournemouth area, to assist others in making a strong connection with many of the wonderful ‘Beings’ who watch over and guide us, such as The Archangels, Ascended Masters, and The Elohim.

I run workshops and courses on a variety of Spiritual subjects in the Bournemouth area, but I am travelling more widely giving talks and running workshops at various other spiritual venues, even planning some abroad!

Check out www.spiritwise.info for all other spiritual topics that I share and teach. The full list is on the Workshops page here.

However, my real passion is still:The Violet Flame.