The Violet Flame can be used very effectively in healing, transmuting any negative energy or blockages held within the physical body. It can be easily incorporated with any system of healing, particularly ‘hands-on’ healing, always of course with the intent that it is for the Highest Good. There are many ways to send distant healing too.

The Violet Flame can heal a wide variety of issues, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, by channelling the energy or using crystals to emit the vibration of the Violet Ray. Crystals can also be set as a mandala to carry the focus of healing intent.

All creatures and animals respond well to this type of healing as it resonates with their purer, more natural energy.

Healing the Past with the Violet Flame

I have worked a lot with people’s ‘Past Lives’, giving readings for many years. I can trace issues from this lifetime that may be unexplained, and find them rooted in a previous existence. This has led me to combine the two and clear any such difficulties with the Violet Flame as it transcends Time and Space.

We are the sum of all our past lives and they can affect this present lifetime. Painful experiences during this lifetime too, can leave us ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward with our lives

These can leave us with:

  • Issues that we still struggle with
  • Doubts, fears and insecurity
  • Outstanding debts to each other and to our own soul

Clear karmic issues, heal scars and wounds from this or previous lives. Raise your vibration to live free of the past.

This is something I offer at some Holistic and Psychic Fayres, working within a large copper pyramid, which adds its own transformational properties. Check out my events page for times when this is available.

It is also part of the workshops, offering ways for you to clear your own past issues.

Healing Relationships with the Violet Flame

This covers a broad spectrum of relationships and is not confined solely to the romantic. It includes relationships with friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues.

The Violet Flame can be used to attract the right person to you. However, it only works for the Highest Good and cannot be used to bend somebody else’s will, to make somebody fall in love with you or to change frogs into princes or princesses! It is magic, but not that kind!

It can help to create balance and harmony in a relationship by transmuting any difficulties or negative emotions whether at home or in the workplace.

Finally, should any type of relationship end, for whatever reason, the Violet Flame will help with closure and allow you to move on.

By working with the Violet Flame all relationships will have a stronger foundation for success.