Journeys back in time

I am standing on the edge of land looking out at the Pacific Ocean. Coarse tufts of grass tickle my feet as they move in the wind that comes off the sea. The wind strengthens; it whips my hair around my face and the clothes around my body. At times I can see nothing, but I feel the sting as hair lashes my cheeks, then it is blown back off my face and I see the shimmering light on the horizon. A fine mist blows around me; spray from the waves as they crash at the base of the cliffs far below me, or carried across the sea to taunt my senses with a place I am beginning to remember?

My companion sighs, I am sensing his frustration at being confined to this land, being able to see, smell and feel the energy of a place he can never visit. For myself I know I can go there whenever I wish, but I understand his longing. He is short, a little under five feet tall, with a strong, sturdy frame and belongs to a peace loving tribe of fishermen and hunters. We turn and walk away from the clifftop, away from the glimpses through the fine rain of the place he says is known as Lemuria.

He told me that he knew the energy vibration of the land across the sea was vastly different from his own. He understood that if he were to set foot there, his physical body would not be able to adapt to the intensity of Light, and would be so adversely affected that it would slowly disintegrate, and he would die there. This did not stop his yearning to go.

I asked him if all people like him felt the same. He replied:

“We are varied in our awareness of the land that shimmers across the sea, some see it, others do not. I have wished in the past that I had not awakened to it, for then I would not have the longing to go there. We have boats and I have watched the tides, I have dreamed of pulling my fishing boat up onto its shore and bathing in the light that I see from here, but I have also seen the skin dissolve from my body as I became the light. I know the pleasure and the pain of such a transformation and I know I could never return.”

He sighed as he thought of his family and I knew that he would never leave them.

I came back from that meditation with a heavy sadness for him, but also with gratitude for all that he had shared with me. Lemuria had already existed for thousands of years, and yet many were oblivious to its nature and purpose. Their ancestors had long ago left that land to experience limited life in other areas of the world. This man had inherited, or retained, a sense of it.

I knew that we were standing somewhere on the west coast of what is now South America, but the land masses were quite different to today; tectonic plates were still moving unpredictably and islands would form as sea levels fluctuated. I became aware that part of the coastline of this Lemurian continent, known in entirety as Mu, was in line with the San Andreas Fault. Los Angeles as it is now, was the City of Angels, with Temples honouring the Archangels we still hold in our hearts today. San Francisco was the City of 7 Hills, with a Temple on each, of the seven Rays of Light that form our rainbow spectrum.

Many of the Temples were pyramid in shape, and the remains of these have been identified on the ocean bed, between Hawaii and the west coast of America, and also off the coast of Japan. I remember taking part in certain rites and ceremonies, that were performed within these Temples.

I loved the experience of being tall, slim, long limbed, with a long neck, an elongated skull, and feeling lithe and elegant!! The lightness of our bodies was due to the high proportion of Light we carried. As we evolved in physical form, our bodies became shorter and more dense. It seems fitting that now we are striving to become a more spiritual race once again, each generation is growing taller than the last! Whether we will ever return to the height of about eight or nine feet tall, I do not know!

Life then was beautiful; there was no ownership of commodities such as energy sources. There were no bosses handing out wages and authority, each person was responsible for their own wellbeing. All work was done for the greater good of the community, there was no status attached to any particular job, so everyone felt equally valued. Whether a Temple Priest, or a cleaner of the roadway to it, the pride in doing it well was respected the same. This meant that everyone wanted to work; to contribute in whichever way was needed, as all work was appreciated and valued. How different to life since then, and particularly to now!

My journeys back there were sometimes personal, for I know I came here to Earth during that time. Clothes were all made of the same type of fabric, none were needed for warmth as we were all able to adjust our body temperatures at will. The fabric was like a very fine pure cotton, or silk, woven and hung on huge racks out in the daylight. I saw filters above the racks that separated out the different rays from the spectrum, and each ray infused a rack of fabric which was then ‘fixed’ with a natural bonding solution ready to be made into a garment. Lengths of fabric were wrapped, draped and tied, to form clothes. At a later time I saw fabric cut and bonded together rather than sewn. There was no desire for great ornamentation for the quality of the coloured light shone in the fabric. If more than one colour was infused, it had a similar look to the two-tone fabrics we can get now by artificial means.

Power and energy sources were varied so that none were ever depleted, all was provided by Mother Earth, the natural elements of solar power, wind, water, even the ‘electricity’ of storms could be harnessed and stored. Vast generator crystals held and emitted the energy that was needed. Transport ran on a grid system utilising the magnetic energy of the Earth’s core, and the energy grid that surrounds our planet still. We could bend Time, the fabric of Space, teleport and communicate telepathically.

The Lemurian civilisation predates Atlantis and is believed to have been in existence some 100,000 years ago. Pallas Athena was the embodiment of The Mother then, and the entire continent of Mu was referred to as The Mother Land, (as the Mother gives birth to new life.)

Pallas Athena took me to the home of a woman about to give birth, to witness a new soul coming to be born. With the final push of the mother, I saw Pallas Athena trace an outline of an eye on the mother’s brow and place a ruby at her heart. The mother was aware of Pallas Athena’s presence. She gave a long sigh as her baby was born, and in that breath was the mother’s gratitude, love, and acknowledgement of her own maternal intuition. On the baby’s brow Pallas Athena simply left a kiss.

The child would go through further rites after seven days, seven weeks, seven months and seven years. They were given to anchor the soul’s spiritual energy into the physical life and retain that connection. I can recall reciting: “I accept and honour the Light of my Birth”, and “I hold the Light of Divine Love within me”. Many details of these rites have surfaced in my conscious mind since I have travelled back in time to Lemuria.

In time, she said, these rituals became unwanted and eventually disallowed as the balance of all things wavered. Without the connection made at that earliest moment of life and as we grew, we gradually became disconnected from our Spiritual origins and other people took over the role of ‘midwife’. We lost our ability to take responsibility for our own wellbeing, instead handing that over to others also.

It became impossible to maintain the expanding range of energy frequencies. Some still saw and connected with the spiritual ‘Light Beings’, whilst others did not, and they turned against those who could. The decision was taken that the time was right to withdraw the higher energies and let evolution take its own course, watched over and guided from the etheric realms.

There has been talk of these ancient lands of Atlantis and Lemuria rising again from the sea, but I cannot accept that the sea levels will fall as huge continents emerge. I believe instead that they are rising in the consciousness of mankind so that we can learn of our origins, our evolutionary path, and lessons that have previously been learned, in order to better prepare for our future. I have revisited Atlantis and Lemuria many times in my astral travels, partly out of genuine curiosity, and partly because I feel strongly that this was early in our evolution. From what I have experienced, this land of Lemuria offered the opportunity for purely spirit-energy to incarnate on Earth and become physical human beings. We came from other worlds such as Sirius, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Antares and many others in our own galaxy and way beyond it.

Many of us alive on Earth now, are aware of a connection with other worlds. For some, it is a strong ‘knowing’ of one particular star world, for others it is merely a feeling of not belonging here. So by connecting through Lemuria, when we possibly incarnated here for the first time, we can begin to understand who we truly are, and even perhaps where we come from. It can be a great relief to accept that Earth is our home, for now, but that we can still connect to other worlds that have been our ‘home’ in other times.

Part of our own awakening now, is to know and understand that each one of us came here from the Stars. As carbon life forms we are the product of dying stars; when they go ‘supernova’ carbon is produced and explodes out into the Universe. Landing here it created Life. Can we accept that our origins are elsewhere, and that in fact we are the aliens on this planet? Ascended Master Adama is one of our links to all our brothers and sisters that ‘landed’ on other worlds. When we are ready to become ONE again it will be an incredible reunion. Memories of Lemuria offer one possible gateway to reconnect and reunite with the Universe.