Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara is also known as The Ancient of Days. This title is due to the understanding that his presence has been an influence on Earth since the very beginning of its existence, although his ‘home’ is the planet Venus. His energy is in alignment with the seventh Ray there, which is Ruby, a deep purple/pink. The Rays differ slightly on other planets and galaxies according to the vibration of Light there.

We associate the Ruby Ray with our Higher Heart chakra, the symbol of our heart centre carried throughout our many lifetimes, so linking to our Higher Self or Soul. We also associate the planet Venus with Love. As the seventh Ray, it links to our Violet Ray, the energy we know as being one of Transformation. So whenever we are looking to transform matters dealing with our Higher Heart, our Soul, or our Higher Purpose, we look to Sanat Kumara for guidance.

He volunteered to come during the darkest times on Earth, and kept the Flame of Higher Consciousness alight until such times as there were sufficient souls on Earth to carry our civilisation forward again. He set his energy at Shamballa and radiated the White, Gold and Violet Light of the Mahatma Energy from there. This is a higher frequency expanded Ray of the Violet Flame.