Merlin was alchemist, prophet and advisor to King Arthur. He has been immortalised as the archetypal ‘Wizard’.

He was an incarnation of St. Germain, but because Merlin is such a prominent figure in our history and legends, we consider him as a separate identity, an ‘expanded soul’, and Master of Magic and Crystals.

Merlin led Arthur to unite the kingdom of Britain. He inspired the formation of the Round Table and the pursuit of the ‘Holy Grail’, which is now seen and understood to represent a personal enlightened state.

He formed the Mystery School of Camelot, to instruct on the mysteries of the world, Alchemy and Magic. A ‘miracle’ or ‘magic’ is just a sudden transmutation, a change that is so quick and literally ‘in a flash’, that we cannot explain it. Merlin anchored the Violet Flame at Camelot, to be a place of Transformation.

Because the actual location of Camelot is still debated, (many believe it to be at Glastonbury,) the mystery and magic surrounding it remains intact, which in turn keeps it alive in people’s imaginations, so the Violet Flame continues to burn there.