Melchizedek is Priest of the Violet Ray, and resonates with the combination of Violet and Gold. He is a Cosmic Being, Universal Light, and has a chamber of Golden Light within the core of this Earth. He is a member of the governing council of our Solar system within this galaxy.

The Priesthood known as The Order of Melchizedek is extremely ancient, going back to other star systems before this Earth had formed; it has no known beginning or end. The Priests of this Order honour ‘perfect religion’ combined with ‘perfect science’, that is; Belief and Knowledge. These are applicable throughout all Universes at the core of all sentient beings; an awareness of their own existence.

The Violet and Gold Ray brings unity of all matters. By working with Melchizedek, we can experience and integrate our ‘I AM Presence’, that is, the unity of all that we are. It is our complete energy beyond and including the part of us that is present in this one physical incarnation.

Melchizedek is often referred to in Sacred Geometry: the symbols or patterns of Creation and all life-forms, but his personal symbol is the Maltese Cross. Like all crosses, the symbol has four arms, which meet at the centre and once again echoes the attribute of Unity of all things. It is also the symbol associated with St. Germain.