Archangels Ariel and Asariel

Archangel Ariel and his Archeia Asariel are the Archangels of Violet/Turquoise Ray, which brings the aspect of creativity and communication to the Violet Flame. The creative power of manifestation is achieved through our thoughts, our words our beliefs and intentions. One of the greatest attributes we have is our imagination and ability to visualise; when that is projected through this Violet/Turquoise Ray it can achieve astounding results.

They remind us that all things are possible, every thought is a potential for change or an alternative reality, so what we think, feel, believe and express to others carries immense potential. The power of our imagination has no limits. Through the Violet/Turquoise Ray that creation can become reality. People say: ‘Be careful what you wish for’ – that is never more true than when we are manifesting our future!

Visualise a world of peace, unity, and harmony. See that world within Turquoise and Violet Light, then create it with words, pictures, poetry, or a crystal mandala, or in whatever way you can. Share that vision with others; let them see what can be achieved with our focused thoughts and our words.