Omri Tas

Omri Tas presides over the Violet Planet, a world in another galaxy and dimension to our own. It has a civilisation free from disharmony, disunity and distress. All negative thoughts are immediately and automatically transmuted by the Violet Flame energy of the planet. This serves as an example of what can be achieved here on Earth.

He is concerned with planetary healing and our spiritual evolution, in order to see the entire Earth return to the Universal plan as a spiritual planet of peace and harmony. He shows us what our part can be in that process, and the ‘bigger picture’ of our thoughts and actions.

He explains the value of order and respect in all the sacred Violet Flame work we do, however small and insignificant we may feel that to be, he sees and magnifies that energy for us. By anchoring the Violet Flame in nature we are helping all other life here, and the Earth itself.